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Fascia mount deck railings

Top Rail Sleeve

How to install your top rail sleeve

1. If the distance of your top rail is greater than 10’, use the top rail sleeve to extend the top rail length.

2. Never install more than one top rail sleeve between two posts.

3. Note that the top rail sleeve can not be installed directly over a stair line post; the sleeve must be installed so that the end of the sleeve is not within two inches of a stair line post.

4. Measure the total length of top rail you will require, and prepare your two pieces of top rail to equal that length. example; if you require a top rail that is a total length of 130”, use a 120” (10’) top rail, and a piece of top rail that is 10” long.

5. The top rail sleeve is three inches long. Install the top rail sleeve over the longer section of top rail so it covers 1 1/2” of the top rail (one half of the top rail sleeve will cover the top rail). Install 2 #10 x 3/4” tek screws through the top rail sleeve and into the bottom of the top rail using the pre-drilled holes in the top rail sleeve.

6. Slide the shorter section of top rail into the other half of the top rail sleeve. It is very important that the two sections of top rail butt up to each other as tight as possible. Securely install 2 #10 x 3/4” tek screws through the sleeve into this top rail. You are now ready to install your top rail.

Residential installation only. Commercial applications may differ. Always check with local building codes prior to purchasing and installing this product.


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