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Fascia Mounting System

Fascia mounts allow deck railings to be mounted to the edges around the deck, rather than to the floor of the deck. Fascia mount deck railings give your outdoor spaces a sleek & uncluttered appearance that maximizes the floor space of your outdoor living space.

Fascia Mounted Deck Railing

Fascia mounts let you mount deck railings on the edges of your deck, rather than the floor of your deck. Fascia mounted deck railings are used for a variety of reasons and are an important consideration when choosing how to build your deck.

In some areas, Fascia mounts may be required under your respective building codes. A fascia mounting bracket installation is often recommended in humid or wet climates because excess water collects on decks without proper drainage systems. In these situations, floor mounted railing systems can lead to rotting and weathering issues.

A fascia mount installation is a smart idea if your deck is very small because they allow maximum use of the deck floor.

Century Aluminum Railings offers Fascia mount deck railings that are easy to install for every railing style – including glass railing systems, picket railing, and wind & privacy walls.

Our aluminum and tempered glass railing systems are extremely durable, light weight, and a low-maintenance alternative to stainless steel or wood posts.

Century Aluminum Railing systems are designed with versatile mounting posts that let you combine different types of railing sections to perfect your home’s aesthetic.

You can use our Fascia Mounts with the following deck railing types:

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Benefits of Fascia Mounted Deck Railings


Limited 20 Year Warranty

To give you peace of mind with your purchase, Century Aluminum Railings products are covered by a limited 20 year warranty from the date of purchase, and a 5 year warranty on our Powder coating. View our warranty information for full details.