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Fascia Bracket, Post and Support Leg Installation

1. Determine post position based on overall deck dimensions.
Railing posts spacing should never exceed 8 ft for welded and component picket, 6 ft for 5mm and 3/16” glass and 4 ft for Scenic Series railing.
When using fascia mounted railings around the deck, it is recommended that you also use fascia mounted rails on the stairs. Install the stair posts first to determine the position of the first deck post.

2. At the post location place a level or straight edge over the deck edge and bring the top of the fascia bracket baseplate up to the underside of the level or straight edge. This will determine the correct height of the fascia bracket. Holding the bracket level, mark through the mounting holes onto the fascia board with a pen or pencil. Pre-drill one of the upper marked holes and attach the bracket to the fascia board with the fastener.

3. Secure the Century post to the fascia bracket with supplied 4 5/16” x 1” bolts and nyloc nuts. Lubricate bolt and nut before tightening. Plumb the post in both directions and install the remaining 3 fasteners. Install baseplate cover to conceal post baseplate bolts. (optional)

Note: The same procedures are to be used for Century picket, glass and Scenic 10mm glass systems.



Support Leg Installation

1. After the railing is installed, determine the location of the support leg to be installed. (support leg sold separately)  Evenly space support legs in railing section as indicated below. After determining support leg position fasten to wood fascia board using 2- #12 x 2” screws (supplied).
Note: Bottom rail should be resting on support leg. Distance between bottom support leg and to edge of deck should be 3 1/2” (see support leg connection detail)

2. Fasten support leg to bottom rail using 1- #10 x 3/4” tek screw.


Residential installation only. Commercial applications may differ. Always check with local building codes prior to purchasing and installing this product. Fascia support leg sold separately.

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    Can you tell me the dimensions of your inline fascia mount post brackets, ie the overall width including the mounting flanges and height from bottom to post mounting surface.


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