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Glass Railings

Glass deck railings are a beautiful option when wanting to add elegance to any property. Glass railings are the ideal choice for any property because they add that sleek finish look for that rooftop patio or a pool enclosure. Around the pool area or rooftop, a clear view becomes a matter of safety and importance. Since they feature a frame and top rail, these railing systems are also great for stairs and raised platforms, allowing guests to place their hands along the top rail for support or a sense of security. First, glass railings are a very safe option for raised platforms. As glass doesn’t wear out, deteriorate, or rot, sturdy glass railings can be expected to remain safe and dependable throughout their entire lifetime.


Framed glass railings


Framed glass railings are the most common among glass railing systems. These railings offer a combination of luxury and safety. Framed glass railings feature clear glass panels held in place by a frame. Frames can be made from other products, however, aluminum is your best option as it is maintenance and rust free. Because of the glass, most people misjudge the maintenance of this product. Glass railings do not rust or dent, they occasionally require cleaning from hand and nose prints.


Frameless Glass Deck Railings


When you have a stunning view that you want to make the most of, then frameless glass railings are your best bet. These railing systems feature glass panels without bordering frame. With frameless glass railings, your view is not impeded, thus making glass railings a fantastic choice for balconies, decks, rooftops, poolside and more.


5 Benefits of glass deck railings


1. Unobstructed view

The last thing a homeowner wants is to cover their view with a railing. With frameless glass railings, you can create a barrier without losing sight of your stunning view. There might be areas in your space that you would like a bit of privacy such as your hot tub or your deck for private parties. Glass can be frosted in for those particular areas which ultimately makes glass railings a highly customizable product.


2. Easy Maintenance

Generally, glass railings will easily clean up with a quick sponge. Homes with small children or pets may require a bit more upkeep. However, compared to traditional wood railings which require regular upkeep such as sanding and staining glass railings are low maintenance and keep well against natural elements.


3. Durability

Treated glass and aluminum railings don’t corrode when exposed to elements such as snow and water or chlorine from the pool. The glass surface is also able to tolerate extreme temperatures.


4. Safety

Tempered glass is strong and sturdy against breaks. With solid glass panels, there is no fear of children or pets falling through. Instead, you enjoy the view without climbing the rails.


5. Flexibility

Glass railings have a wide variety of tinted glass panels to select from and colors for other components. Installation options vary based on framed and frameless selections.