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Pipe Railings

Enhance your deck design with Century Aluminum Railings round pipe rail kit: lightweight, UV-resistant, and built for long lasting durability.

Enhance your deck design with Century Aluminum Railings round pipe rail kit: lightweight, UV-resistant, and built for long lasting durability. Customize your railing system on-site to match any decking balusters, staircase, or ramp.

Our DIY pipe railings ensure code-compliant safety & support while empowering you with the freedom to create your dream design.

Your vision, made easy with Canadian-made railing kits by Century Aluminum. Enjoy unmatched versatility, durability, and effortless maintenance.

Century Aluminum Pipe Railing Kits

Century Aluminum pipe railings are strong, durable, lightweight, and highly versatile – making them a popular choice in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Quickly install our pipe railing kit to support your staircases, ramps, gates, pedestrian barriers, water-rich environments, and hard-to-reach locations.

You can use our pipe rails as a secondary handrail to compliment our aluminum railing kits, with your existing railings, on mobility ramps, or anywhere you require additional safety & support.


Versatile Aluminum Railing Posts

Century’s highly versatile connection posts let you combine pipe railings with our wide range of aluminum & glass railing kits – including picket railings, scenic glass railings, and frosted glass privacy walls.

We also offer an aluminum safety gate to secure your pool area, staircase, or yard space.

Fast & Easy Installations

Our elegant product design makes installation fast and easy. Our quality pipe railing kits assemble using mechanical fasteners at each intersection and epoxy structural adhesive at the splice joints.

You can cut aluminum pipe on site to fit any design. No special permits or on-site welding equipment required!


Lightweight, Durable, and Weather Resistant

Compared to traditional railing materials like iron or galvanized steel railings, Century aluminum pipe railings are lightweight, easy to cut to size, UV resistant, anti-magnetic, and extremely durable. Our aluminum pipe railing fittings last over seven times longer than other fabricated pipe railings like iron or stainless steel.

Key Features

Century Railings aluminum products are manufactured in Canada with durable powder coating that comes in a variety of colors – with custom options available to perfect your aesthetic. Code compliant for wheelchair ramps, residential & commercial stairways, hospitals, and extended long-term care facilities.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Please Verify Your Stair Angle Before Ordering Extensions!

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Choose From 4 Pipe Deck Railing Styles:


1. Two rail pipe railing

If you need to keep people safe in your indoor or outdoor space, our double rail pipe railing is your best choice, and our most popular design. With both a top and middle rail, you’ll get the highest level of safety and fall protection.

2. Single stair pipe railing

Our single pipe stair railings are simple, elegant and durable handrails that offer a minimalist style and look great next to staircases – inside or outside.

3. Ramp pipe railing

If you’re looking for cost-effective safety, support, and building code compliance on accesibility & wheelchar ramps, our DIY pipe railing offers a secure solution with easy installation. Our versatile pipe fitting lets you mount the pipe railing kit on any above ground surface.

4. Wall mount pipe railing

For staircases and ramps next to walls or vertical surfaces, you can easily mount our lightweight aluminum pipe railings using our wall mounted flange.

We are proud members of NADRA (North American Deck and Railing Association).

Century Aluminum | Railings Manufacturer With 37 Years of Experience

Century Aluminum Railings – a division of CenDek Railings Ltd. – is a leader in high-performance DIY railing systems in Canada and the USA.

Our head office and eco-friendly manufacturing plant is located in Summerland, BC, Canada in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

With a long-standing legacy in the homebuilding and commercial building industries, we’ve earned a reputation for quality glass & aluminum railings kits at industry-leading prices.

We’re proud members of the North American Deck Railing Association, the Canadian Home Builder’s Association – a showcase of our commitment to innovation and excellence in the railings industry.


20 Year Limited Warranty

Century Aluminum Railings kits come with a limited 20-year warranty for residential applications.

Coverage Details:

For complete details on our limited warranty, check our official warranty documentation (PDF). Please contact us for details on industrial and commercial warranties.


Download our pipe rail brochure & railing product catalogues below: