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Pipe Railings

Aluminum pipe deck railing systems are versatile. They allow you to design from the start or add on after the fact. The pipe can be cut on site to fit any design. This ingenious product is extremely adaptable. Pipe railings can be used for residential and industrial projects for various types of projects such as staircases, water-rich environments, hard to reach locations, pedestrian barriers, handicap ramps and gates to name a few.


The design is simple and so is the installation as there are no special permits typically required. Another thing that makes the installation easy is that no welding is required either.  Components are easily assembled by using mechanical fasteners at intersections and epoxy structural adhesive at splice joints.


Use it as a secondary handrail with our other railing systems, or your existing railings, or where a railing is not required but you still want the safety and function of a handrail. Very strong and durable. The fittings on pipe railings are either galvanized or aluminum and they last over seven times longer than other fabricated pipe railings.


Various types of pipe deck railings:


Two rail pipe railing

This type of pipe railing is one of the most common kind. It has a top and a middle rail to protect against falls. If you guard a space or surface this is the type of railing you’ll need.


Stair pipe railing

This is the most common use of a pipe railing. It’s a simple, elegant and durable option for handrails next to staircases.


Ramp pipe railing

Pipe railing works great on ramps as a ramp base fitting can be used and the pipe fitting allows the pipe railing to be mounted above ground on any surface to protect against water damage.


Wall mount pipe railing

Pipe railings can be mounted to a vertical surface such as a wall with a wall mounted flange.


Key features

  • Available in 6’ and 8’ kits (retail) and 10’ or 20’ lengths (commercial)
  • Contractor approved
  • Premium powder coated aluminum (won’t rust)
  • No exposed welds
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Easy to install for homeowners
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Provides added safety to stairs and ramps
  • A.D.A. compliant, 1 5/8 “ diameter pipe provides added safety to stairs and ramps

Code compliant for wheelchair ramps, residential & commercial stairways, hospitals, and extended long-term care facilities.