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Swivel Bracket Installation for Stairs & Custom Angle Posts

How to install a swivel bracket for stairs and custom angle posts

Note: If using stair line post, refer to those instructions first.

1. Loosely mount the posts at the desired locations on stair treads.

2. To determine the stair swivel bracket location, lay the bottom rail along the stair nosing and using the top of the railing, mark a line on the top and bottom posts. For the upper post, draw a line 1 5/8” up from this line. For the lower post, draw a line 2 3/4” up. Locate the top of the backing plate on these lines and secure with 2 #10 x 3/4” tek screws. Measure up 30 1/8” from the top of these backing plates to the bottom of the backing plates for the top rail and attach them.

3. Slide the end caps into the backing plates. Secure with 2- #10 x 1/2” tek screws through the holes in the side of the backing plate into the pre-drilled holes of the end cap stem. A third screw is supplied to fill the top hole of the stem if so desired.

4. Following the stair angle and with posts held plum measure between the back of the installed swivel bracket end caps. Deduct 1/2” from this measurement and cut top and bottom rails to length. Install into the top and bottom swivel bracket end caps and secure with 2- #10 x 3/4” tek screws then plumb and tighten down the posts left loose in step 1.

5. Starting from the bottom post, insert pickets as per the picket installation sheet,


Note: For 36” high railing, the deck post at the top of the stairs should be installed no greater than 3/4” from the edge of the deck. Depending on location a 42” stair post may be required at the top and / or bottom of the stairs.

Residential installation only. Commercial applications may differ. Always check with local building codes prior to purchasing and installing this product


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