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Grab-N-Go Welded Panels

No matter where you are, mother nature is inevitable and keeps us vigilant when extreme weather is forecasted. At Century, we pride on manufacturing railing systems that give our customers and dealers the confidence of knowing that they are purchasing a product with tough durability that can withstand high winds while maintaining its long-lasting appearance. 

Century Aluminum Railings offers an ultra-easy to install railing system that is as durable as it is stylish. The Grab-N-Go is a 42” Welded 5/8” Picket Panel available in 6’ and 8’ and is the staple for many deck projects due to its long lifespan! Upgrade your deck with a premium product at a competitive price.


Century Aluminum Railings welded panels are fully code compliant for single and multifamily applications and an ultra-easy installation to allow you to enjoy your deck or get on to the next job site quicker. Say good-bye to rusted railings with our premium powder coated finish that protects railings against environmental elements making the product long-lasting. The name speaks for itself: Grab-N-Go!



welded panel
• Panel sizes: 72” x 42” & 96″ 42″
• Ultra-easy installation
• Fully code compliant for single and multifamily applications
• Includes support leg
• Made in Canada
• Pickets are welded not riveted




  • I am seriously interested in your aluminum DIY railing systems. We have just retired and discovered the retirement home we purchased requires railings around our farmer’s porch. It is an unexpected cost so if you have a seniors discount it would be good to know.

    • Hi Bill, thank you for reaching out to us. Where are you located? We are strictly a manufacturer of railings that are sold through lumberyards and building supply centers. If you go back on our website and click on “find a dealer” or our “how to buy” section you can punch in your ZIP or Postal Code to find a dealer near you.

      Century Customer Service

  • well explained info. Keep it up

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