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Drink Rail Adapter Kit

  • Drink Rail Adapter Kit & Mount
  • Century DRAK Gloss White
  • Drink Rail - Isometric View - Textured Black

Introducing the Drink Rail Adapter Kit by Century Aluminum Railings: the perfect DIY solution to add a functional & stylish drink rail (cocktail railing) to your deck railing system.

Compatible with most Century railing systems, our drink rail brackets are contractor approved and can accommodate any size or type of board you choose. Our easy-to-install kit lets you create a cocktail rail with your own cocktail railing boards in just five simple steps.

The Drink Rail Adapter Kit includes a 1 post adaptor plate, 3 drink rail support legs, and included fasteners (Tek screws) to fasten your deck boards to the rail bracket.

  • Multiple post adaptor plates are required for each length of your drink rail.
  • Use 3 supports per 6 ft section of deck railing. Use 5 supports per 8 ft section.
  • For 8ft sections, or longer, get our Drink Rail Support Kit
  • Board and rails are sold separately, letting you choose the right material to suit your taste or complement your home’s architectural style.

The mounting hardware in our Drink Rail Adapter Kit seamlessly integrates with your Century Aluminum railing components to create your ideal deck design.

Cheers to easy installation and endless relaxation in your outdoor space. Find our drink railing system in stock at major hardware stores in Canada and the USA. Find a Century dealer near you today.

Colour and Finish Options

  • Black
  • Gloss White
  • Textured Lakeside Copper

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