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Glass railing system at a yacht club

Glass Railing Century – Top Bottom Rail (TBR) and (Top Bottom Rail Glass) TBRG Installation


Cutting Top Rail (glass & picket)

With the posts standing on the deck, measure the distance between the posts (for accuracy, take measurement between both posts at the bottom), subtract 5/8” from total measurement, and cut top rail.

Cutting Bottom Rail

Position and hold the bottom rail against the post near the lower post bracket. For picket bottom rail, center the railing to ensure equal hole distance from each side to post (see below). Mark the top of the railing at each end in line with the side of the post. Subtract 5/16” from each mark and cut both ends. For glass bottom rail, measure the distance between the posts, subtract 5/8” and cut the railing to that size. Its very important to insert a rubber block (included in TBRG package) 6” into each end of the bottom rail before attaching the bottom rail to the posts.
Center the bottom rail support leg under the railing. Bottom rail supports are packaged with all top and bottom rails. A minimum of one support leg is required for each section (at least one every three feet).

Installing Top and Bottom Rail (glass & picket)

You may need to remove the lag screw and move the posts slightly to allow an easy fit of the bottom rail into the lower post sleeve.Replace the lag screw. Install the top rail into one end of the post sleeve and tilt the other post to position the top rail into the opposite sleeve. Plumb the posts. Install and secure the remaining lag screws into the base plates. Use #10 x 3/4” tek screws to secure the top and bottom rails to the sleeves. (Use Robertson square bit for the #10 x 3/4” tek screws). When installing Century Railings in high salt content areas, apply one coat of urethane caulking to any cut or exposed areas on the top or bottom rail ends and other components that have been cut or drilled.

When Railing is being used as a guardrail, do not exceed the 75” post center to post center spacing for glass or 96” post center to post center spacing for picket as this is outside our engineering spec and is at the end users own risk and could result in a failed inspection. It is the sole responsibility of the home owner/contractor to comply with local building codes.

Residential installation only. Commercial applications may differ. Always check with local building codes prior to purchasing and installing this product.


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