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Picket/Glass Century Conversion Kit Installation


1. Install standard glass top and bottom rails between evenly spaced posts on deck.

2. Remove top and bottom rail black glass insert by prying and pulling out at center of insert.

3. Install 12 5/8” pre-punched bottom rail clip onto bottom rail then slide clip tight against post. The first picket hole should now measure no more than 3 7/8” to edge of post. (a rubber mallet
may be used to install bottom rail clip. Take care not to dent or scratch.)

4. Install the 12 1/2” top and bottom picket inserts into the top and bottomrails, and slide tight up against the post.

5. Measure between inside edges of installed pre-punched bottom rail clip and cut black glass vinyl insert taken from the top and bottom rails. Reinstall rubber blocks and install black glass insert into bottom rail between bottom rail clip. Re-install black glass insert into top rail centered between posts.

6. Measure between inside edges of clip, deduct 1/8” from overall measurement and order glass. In most cases, glass size will be a custom order.

7. Install pickets into pre-punched bottom rail clip and secure at top using supplied 4” spacer clips. The spacer clip between the last picket and glass is installed in step 9.

8. Install glass centered between both pre-punched bottom rail clips ensuring glass is resting on rubber blocks in bottom rail.

9. Install 4” spacer clip between last picket and edge of glass.


-Top & bottom rail, pickets and glass sold separately.
-Custom glass sizes may be required.
-Glass panels may cause injury if mishandled, gloves and safety glasses should be worn at all times.

Residential installation only. Commercial applications may differ. Always check with local building codes prior to purchasing and installing this product.

When Glass Railing is being used as a guardrail, do not exceed the 75” center to center spacing as this is outside our engineering spec and is at the end users own risk and could result in a failed inspection. It is the sole responsibility of the home owner/contractor to comply with local building codes.


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