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Glass Railing Century – 5mm or 1/4” (6mm) Glass Installation

Not for 10mm or 1/2” glass. See separate instructions.

Make sure the rubber blocks, included in the TBRG package, have been installed into the bottom rail as per the TBR installation instructions.

Glass Height:
37 5/16” for 42” high rail
31 5/16” for 36” high rail

Stock Century Glass Widths


If using the above stock glass sizes, determine the opening size and pick the size of glass that will leave a space from the edge of the glass to the side of the post no smaller than 1 1/8” and no larger than 3 7/8” on each side. An example would be if the opening was 48 1/2”, pick the 42” glass size. This would leave a space of 6 1/2” divided by 2 giving an opening of 3 1/4” between the edge of the glass and the post. If you are buying your own glass, just take off 3” from the opening measurement.

Lubricate top and bottom rail glass insert with soapy water. Install glass by holding the 37 5/16” sides of the glass (for 42”rail) and insert into the top rail channel as far as possible. Swing the bottom of the glass over the bottom rail until its centered over the bottom channel. Pull down on the glass until it slides into the bottom channel and is sitting on the two rubber blocks inserted previously. Center the glass between the two posts by sliding it the left or right.

Note: Glass panels may cause injury if mishandled. Gloves and safety glasses should be worn at all times.

Residential installation only. Commercial applications may differ. Always check with local building codes prior to purchasing and installing this product.

When Glass Railing is being used as a guardrail, do not exceed the 75” center to center spacing as this is outside our engineering spec and is at the end users own risk and could result in a failed inspection. It is the sole responsibility of the homeowner/contractor to comply with local building codes.

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  • This clear and concise guide provides essential steps for installing glass in a railing system. The detailed instructions, including glass size selection and proper lubrication, make the process more manageable. Thanks to the writer for simplifying the installation process! Your guidance is invaluable.

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