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Impress your customers every time

For speed of installation and beauty that will keep your customers coming back again and again, choose Century Aluminum Railings. Reduce your installation time by up to half  in comparison to major railing competitors. Line up more projects while providing customers with stunning railings you’ll be proud to call your work.

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Less hassle, quicker turnaround

With no need to cut or fuss with forcing aluminum spacers into place, you can look forward to less time on your hands and knees during installation. Send one person out for the job and see the work done in up to half the time, with 80% of the installation completed from an upright position.

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Easy to customize and add on

Whether your customer wants to add on to an existing project or start from scratch, you’ll have what you need to provide sleek and streamlined railings, no cuts or welds visible. Be the hero of their backyard vision with a range of colour options to suit their style. Colours include Gloss White, Textured Matte Black, and Textured Lakeside Copper. 

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Elegant and memorable

Sophisticated and well-built railings speak for themselves. Leave your customers with a lasting memory of the superior quality of your work. From pool enclosures to deck railings, your projects will be lasting testaments to your reputation as a pro contractor.

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Safe and lifetime-lasting

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re giving customers a quality railing product that with proper installation and adherence to local building codes will provide them with years of safe and durable use.

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Why More Pro Contractors Choose Century Aluminum Railings

  1. Faster installation by one person means more job sites per day
  2. Peace of mind for durability and safety of the product
  3. Sophisticated colour options to meet the customer’s needs
  4. Flexibility to start from scratch or add on to an existing railing
  5. Range of applications to suit the project requirements
  6. Same-day turnaround with pickup from local lumberyard
  7. Beauty and style that leaves a lasting impact
  8. Installation guides and videos to lend a helping hand

Start strong with more resources

Hit the ground running on your next job with instructional videos for all Century Aluminum Railing systems. Easy to share with your team, these resources could be just what you need to turn your railing work around faster. When you can master railing installation and rack up more projects in a day, you’re winning.

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