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How to Clean Glass Railings | Ultimate Guide

While exterior glass railings require minimal maintenance or repair, they do require occasional cleaning.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll show you the best techniques for cleaning glass railings so you can enjoy beautiful views for years to come.

How to Clean Glass Railings: The Basics

Cleaning your exterior glass railing kit is quick and easy.

Step 1: Clean

Mix together some warm water and liquid dish soap in a bucket.

Wet a clean cloth in your soap & water mixture, then scrub the glass in circular motions.

Pro tip: Use a non abrasive cloth to avoid scratching the glass and your railing’s aluminum powder coating.

Step 2: Rinse & Dry

Thoroughly rinse the glass using clean water to remove excess soap residue. 

Once you’ve got a clean finish, give the glass a wipe with a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent water from spotting. You can also use a squeegee to remove the water spots.

Pro tip: To avoid water streaks that get left behind when water dries too quickly, clean your glass panels on a cloudy day instead of a hot, sunny day.

Step 3: Keep Rain Spots at Bay

Rainwater can leave stubborn water spots. Using a squeegee is a great way to remove rainwater from the glass before it dries.

The more you can stay on top of squeegeeing rainwater, the less dirt and residue you can expect to build up—which means fewer deep cleans overall.

How to Clean Difficult Stains on Glass Railings

Buildup in the Corners

When cleaning your glass panels, you may find some extra buildup of debris in some of the corners. In this case, simply apply the soapy solution to the affected areas, and use a lint free cloth to get into the corners and edges. For more intricate areas, you can use a soft toothbrush or cotton swab to remove those smaller imperfections.

Stubborn Stains

If you have stubborn, baked on stains like bird droppings, spilled drinks, or grime buildup, you can use a stronger cleaning solution like an ammonia-based glass cleaner.

To make it easier for you to clean, let the stain soak in the solution for a few minutes to loosen up any stuck on grime before you start cleaning.

It’s best to clean stubborn stains right away, as they can become harder to remove if left to dry.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Solution

For a natural and eco-friendly option, combine white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with  water at a 1:2 ratio. Apply the solution directly to the surface, and scrub in a similar circular motion until the area comes clean.

Tips for Cleaning Glass Railings 

Here are some additional tips to keep your glass railings looking pristine:

  • Stay on top of regular cleaning with a squeegee or dust cloth to prevent spots and smudges from appearing.
  • Stick to soapy water or a gentle cleaning solution where you can.
  • Rain repellent can be an excellent product to help reduce the look of water spots. Rain repellent works to bead water off the surface, saving you time and reducing the frequency of cleaning.
  • Use soft microfiber or lint free cloths over paper towel or steel wool. The softer the fabric, the less prone the glass is to scratches.

Summing It Up

Glass railing systems are easily one of the most desirable choices for homeowners.

They not only boast an impeccably sleek and modern look, but they allow you to get the most out of your outdoor space with unobstructed views.

Beyond their obvious aesthetics and view boosting appeal, glass railing systems require almost no maintenance in the way of repair or heavy upkeep.

At Century Railings, we know just how important it is to preserve the quality and look of your glass panels.

Since glass is prone to smudging and debris buildup, you’ll want to keep up with regular cleaning to keep your glass looking fresh and sparkly.

Century Aluminum Railings

Here at Century Railings, we’re known for our low maintenance, easy to install deck railing products that allows homeowners to DIY without the added stress.

Our DIY glass railing kit is designed to be a stand alone system—simply install the mounting brackets, slide in the glass panels, and then finish up by installing a top bar (or go topless). Our railing systems work great as swimming pool railings, on rooftop decks, or as interior railings.

Whether you choose to go with our framed glass, or frameless glass railing system, you can take comfort knowing both options offer easy upkeep, and with just a few easy steps, they’ll be looking crystal clear.

Contact us today and let us help you get started! We’re happy to help you find a railing solution that works best for your home.


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