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DIY Deck Railing Kits by Century Aluminum

This summer, travel to the ultimate vacation oasis: your backyard. 

What are you doing Saturday? By Sunday, you could be relaxing in your own staycation backyard. Make the most of your time at home. With Century Railings DIY kits, you can enjoy sleek and durable scenic, glass, picket, or pipe railings, installed by you with simple tools.

From rooftop patios to pool enclosures, cottage decks, or your favorite outdoor space, the possibilities are endless. Start dreaming of the vacation oasis in your own backyard. By the weekend, you’ll be there.

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Deck Railings With Less Assembly Required

Our easy DIY deck kits only require one person for installation, but helpers are encouraged!

Make an afternoon of it and discover how easy and fun it can be to add elegance and functionality to your space with DIY aluminum railings. Easy to mount to your wood or concrete deck surface from a standing position. Installation involves simple tools. No prior experience required!

If you need guidance on local building codes, we’re happy to help.

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Built Strong and Safe

Protect your loved ones with a horizontal deck railing that doesn’t compromise on safety.

Like you, safety is a priority for the Century Railings family.

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Low Maintenance, High reward

Century’s modern porch railing kit features powder coated aluminum in 8 color finishes. Our tough, waterproof railings need virtually no upkeep for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Unlike other materials, aluminum won’t rot or rust, making the railing product durable and long-lasting; no maintenance required. Enjoy luxurious aluminum deck railings with a classic design that will look as good as new for years to come.

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Start From Scratch or Add Onto an Existing DIY Project

Choose from a range of classic designs, including DIY aluminum picket railings or aluminum glass railings with top and bottom rails, or with a topless railing design (Scenic railing kit) for a modern look with unobstructed views.

Whether you need to match your new railings to match the flooring or surrounding space, or are adding onto an existing deck rail or handrail, Century Aluminum Railings have the flexibility to meet you where you are in the timeline of your renovation, new build or DIY project.

Century Aluminum Railing kits come 3 standard colors and several sizes. Perfect your look with classic surface mounts or fascia mounts that attach to your outer joists and maximize your deck space.

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Got These Tools? You’re Ready To Build

  1. Mitre Saw or Hacksaw
  2. Safety glasses
  3. Gloves
  4. Ear Protection
  5. Cordless or electric drill
  6. ½ “ hex head driver
  7. Torques bit
  8. Rubber mallet
  9. Stainless washer for post shims
  10. Tape measure & pencil
  11. ⅛ “ drill bit
  12. Level

You’ve Got Support

With video tutorials and additional resources, including pipe handrail instructions and a project layout planner, it’s smooth sailing for installation day.

Assembly involves mechanical fasteners at intersections and epoxy structural adhesive at spike joints, making it safe and efficient to install – up to 50% faster than other manufacturers. We offer 2 types of deck screws for installing into wood or concrete deck surfaces.

Bring your plans to a dealer near you, and start building!

Need some deck railing ideas to get started? Check out our railing galleries for inspiration.

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